Hi! I'm Hayley and I run Ashwood Lane from my little studio in Fairlie, which is a small town in the beautiful South Island of NZ.

Originally a Kiwi, I have spent the last 17 years living in Australia and Canada - where I learnt to snowboard properly and became obsessed with the mountain life - give me snow and a beanie (or a toque as they are known in Canada) and I am in my element!

Upon my return to Australia in 2009, I got a "proper job" and worked in various corporate roles, however after having my first child I needed to find a creative outlet whilst on mat leave.

This is when Ashwood Lane came about and I have found a role to combine my design skills with my love of creating - I am a super DIYer, although not all projects go to plan - my husband can attest to many a failed attempt at creating something!

We had our second child in November 2016 and decided to make to move over to NZ in mid 2017 - bringing the business over from the Gold Coast. 

So along with two toddlers, our dog and a laser, we have set up our new life in Fairlie for the next little while until we see what our next adventure is!

I currently work with a range of mediums including timber and acrylic and I strive to make high quality products for your home, business, wedding or event. 

I love working on personalised and custom pieces - from cake toppers to business signage (and everything in between), I'd love to hear your ideas and help make them a reality.

Ashwood Lane can also supply your brand with products needed for your own end product - drop us a line if you wish to discuss wholesale pricing.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hayley x